Episode 6

Published on:

8th Feb 2020

EP06 with Pete Bombaci | Raising $142 Million in under 5 Years Deploying Empathy in Leadership.

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Pete Bombaci is a passionate, grassroots brand builder and the founder of The GenWell Project - the human connection movement working to remind people of the importance of social connection and inspiring them to take action. Pete has served in senior-level roles in both the for-profit and NFP sectors and prior to founding The GenWell Project, he served as Country Director of Movember Canada where he oversaw it’s launch and position as the largest fundraising campaign globally for 5 years, raising $142 Million. 

Pete is a charismatic and visionary business leader who believes that by doing the right thing every day, exceptional results are created.

Key Discussions:

  • The Most Important Lesson He Learned About Human Connection From the Alcohol and Beverage Industry.
  • Leading Movember Canada for 5 Years Raising $142 Million (The Purpose Behind That)
  • The Importance of Face 2 Face Interactions
  • The GenWell Project Movement and It's Mission In Bringing People Closer Together.


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My name is Ally Salama. I'm 25 & my purpose is to make empathy go viral.

Today, I'm recognized as a global youth leader, Forbes 30 Under 30, WHO, UN & MIT Keynote Speaker & the Middle East & North Africa's Mental Health Ambassador.

My journey to founding my startup, EMPWR, started in 2019, as a Mental Health Magazine, winning Harvard's Top 7 Most Impactful Social Initiatives and earning recognition from the WHO. The rest is history.

This podcast aims to share my weekly journey & lessons on Self-Care, Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship.

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Ally Salama

Ally Salama is a Social Artistpreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, Ex-Pro Athlete and The Middle East’s Mental Health Ambassador. He founded empower-mag.com, the first Mental Health Magazine in the Middle East, winning Harvard's Top 7 Most Impactful Social Initiatives in 2019 & earning recognition from the World Health Organization. Currently, Ally’s purpose is to empower youth to become more impactful changemakers in the world. He currently hosts Apple’s #1 Charting Youth Leadership Podcast “Empathy Always Wins” - the world's exclusive youth leadership podcast focusing on empathy and community building. Living in Toronto, Ally currently consults social enterprises and changemakers on strategy to help build powerful communities.

علي سلامة هو شاب مصري ريادي، متحدث عام، مذيع، ورياضي محترف سابق، وهو مندوب الصحة النفسية في الشرق الأوسط ذو رؤية بعيدة المدى لدمج توعية الصحة النفسية في المجتمع العربي. أسس علي مجلة إمپور، أول مجلة تدور حول الصحة النفسية في الشرق الأوسط، والمصنفة من قبل جامعة هارفارد ضمن أكثر سبع مبادرات اجتماعية في الشرق الأوسط، إلى جانب التمييز من مؤسسة الصحة العالمية. مهمة علي هي دعم الشباب ليكونوا أكثر تأثيراً وشغفاً في العالم. هو حالياً مذيع برنامج empathy always wins الذي حصل على أعلى نسبة استماع على apple، وهو البرنامج الحصري للرواد الشباب الـذي يسلط الضوء على العطف وإنشاء الجماعات. على حالياً مقيم في تورونتو، وبها يعمل كاستشاري للمؤسسات الاجتماعية ورواد التغيير في إستراتيجية إنشاء الجماعات القوية.